Phulwari Heights School

Education is a joint venture: an association between the school and the home to ensure that children become successful in whatever they choose to pursue. Right education materializes out of co-operation among the learners, mentors, parents and the community. The school is established on the conviction that kids ought to be urged to dream, and energetically seek after their fantasies. We run after opening their brains, assist them with recognizing their inclinations and yearnings, and support their singular abilities.

I assure you that the entire team of Phulwari Heights helps shape each child into an intelligent, skilled and committed Indian citizen with a global perspective.

I look forward to your kind association, valuable support and a healthy rapport that shall assist us in the holistic development of each child. Our central goal, be that as it may, has consistently continued as before. We are, and consistently will be, a school for the heads of tomorrow.